Learning to Love Ourselves

A Virtual Guided Meditation

This is the time to care for our inner lives.

Join APOLLO AELIUS and Upāsikā Miss tree turtle for a virtual 40-minute Learning to Love Ourselves guided meditation on

Every last Sunday of the month at 6 PM EST.

FREE admission. Open to all. LGBTQ-friendly. Relax. Renew.

Find peace and comfort through mindfulness.

Click here to contact us for more information.

This is a project of the Wisdom Community of Wisdom Projects, Inc. and Ascension with Apollo Aelius.

Share widely. Bring a friend.

If you enjoy the meditation, please become a patron of the Wisdom Community on Patreon at


About the Mindfulness Guides

Apollo Aelius is a Maryland, US-based healer and mindfulness educator who holds certifications in Usui Reiki and Karuna Ki Reiki. He is the only Reiki Grandmaster in the state of Maryland. He began his healing practice as an adolescent growing up in rural Maryland and credits mindfulness as a major factor in sustaining his life during challenging times.

Upāsikā Miss tree turtle is an ordained Theravadin progressive, humanist Buddhist upāsikā in her 33rd year of contemplative practice. She is the Director (CEO) of the Baltimore Wisdom Project and the Co-Director (Co-CEO) with Dr. Theodore Richards of Wisdom Projects, Inc. She has been leading meditations and developing mindfulness programs for schools, after-schools, incarceration facilities, and community groups for 30-plus years. She was one of the first educators to integrate mindfulness into public education in the state of Maryland. For more, visit treeturtle.com.

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