Affirming Business Consultations for Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion


We offer consultations on “JEDI” principles — meaning, principles of Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion — to organizations, corporations and businesses to enhance workplace culture, hiring, and climate.

Our JEDI consultations combine conflict transformation, mediation, morale enhancement, and conceptual redesigning…

By Upāsikā Miss tree turtle (Cleis Abeni)
Director (CEO), Baltimore Wisdom Project
Co-Director (Co-CEO), Wisdom Projects, Inc.


These are ten radically empathetic healing processes for community-centered conflict transformation, restorative justice, transformative justice, and accountability.

Rather than chronological steps, these processes may be engaged simultaneously or in any order in…

On Thursday January 29, 2021, a wise teacher named Dwayne Reed tweeted an important question on Twitter:

Have you ever removed a non-responsive scholar from your virtual classroom? One whom you’re receiving absolutely no communication from. Is it ever right to do that, or is it always wrong? …


​Warm greetings to you. My name is Upāsikā Miss tree turtle. I am the Director (CEO) of the Baltimore Wisdom Project and the Co-Director (Co-CEO) of Wisdom Projects, Inc.

If you appreciate this sharing of strategies and sources, then please help us continue to support teachers, coaches, youth, parents…

A Virtual Guided Meditation

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A Conversation with Dr. Theodore Richards on Cultivating Compassion in the Wake of Apocalypse for the Reimagining Podcast

Click here the Reimagining Podcast episode with Matthew Fox

More than ever before, we are confronted with apocalyptic catastrophes in environment, health, and government. How can we still cultivate compassion and care…

A Conversation with Dr. Theodore Richards on Urban Social Justice for the Reimagining Podcast

Tonika Johnson

Click here the Reimagining Podcast episode with Tonika Johnson

After the insurrection of the United States Capitol building, leaders across the country have called for unity. But how can we be unified when our cities are…

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A Virtual Guided Meditation

This is the time to care for our inner lives.

Join APOLLO AELIUS for a very special virtual 40-minute Healing in the Holidays guided meditation on

Sunday January 3, 2021.

There will be 2 sessions of the same meditation at different times that day to accommodate United States and international…

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